How does a heartbreak feel? Yes. You’ve given all that you’ve got, everything that you are. You’ve invested all your energy and enthusiasm. You’ve shared all your dreams, passions and given all your focus. This is the person you’ve felt most comfortable and happy with, this is the person you could be yourself with. Yes. Everything is left damaged, like a rain forest or field full of flowers destroyed by tractors. It’s like everything you’ve planted is uprooted and gone. You wonder how you will ever be happy again, be yourself around other people and find back to your dreams and passions. Yes, it’s painful and hard. But after the damage comes a new season, a new chapter in your life, and you will be stronger and wiser. You will see the rain forest and field full of flowers again, and nothing will ever take that away from you again.


Skrev några veckor sen. Känner någon igen sig? Då är detta för dig. För jag tror inte att jag skrev det i onödan.

heartbreak hjärta
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