What you let yourself believe is what you will see

You're too sick to have a job. You're not smart enough to cope school. You're not talented enough to become a singer or actress. You're too shy and confused to become a role model. World says: you're not good enough... fight, don't give up, you'll reach far. You tried, without results. You thought you would fly but you fell and crushed.
It may seem like they don't want you, but God wants you.
Don't be deceived. You don't have to change your look, your voice and who you are. God knew you before you were in your mothers womb and He called you and Has a plan for you. Church may say; you're not talented enough, you don't have the gift, you don't have the calling, they will make your strength drain out. Leaders tryin' be so perfect, role models, strong and mighty, not like you at all and that's why you'll never reach the top. Are they more happy than you? No. The top is a lie. You don't have to reach that. You thought you would fly if you reach the top, but you can fly here and now too. You can make your own space and sky, because what you let yourself believe is what you will see.
Yes, what you let yourself believe is what you will see.
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Yes, what you let yourself believe is what you will see. - SÅ SANT!


Tycker om såna inpiration! :) , ItS always nice to do not give up.

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